Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author Ultramarinesilk
Artist Han soyoung
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Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything

Talented baby squirrel

Synopsis Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything

Beatty, a squirrel shapeshifter with limited powers, was born into a lion family. Consequently, I endured a tormenting existence at my aunt’s residence in the Capital. When I disclosed my departure to fulfill my dreams to my only friend and fiancé, the Second Prince, his response was filled with anger: “Ritter, you traitor…!” I perished in his grasp. Miraculously, I found myself transported back to my childhood, before becoming involved with the Second Prince. In such circumstances, what was required? Swiftness. Without delay, I distanced myself and sought refuge in the domain of my biological father, the Lion Duke. Despite the expected lack of warm reception, I possessed a crucial secret that would only be uncovered in the future, ensuring I would not be turned away. “Welcome, Miss!” they greeted me. “Oh my! When did you grow so beautifully?” “The young lady is walking on her adorable little feet!”… Wait, why am I being welcomed like this? Could it be… is that statue of me?


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